Hassle-Free Feeds

Intecca is proud to be a leader in the field of Yahoo Store data feed services. We will automatically upload products from your Yahoo Store to Google Product Search, Bing Shopping, Commission Junction, Amazon Seller Central and more destinations! Once successfully uploaded, your products' visibility will increase. And this means more sales. Guaranteed!

Features Free Trial

Yahoo Store Owners

who are always looking to increase the amount of highly qualified visitors to your site: our service is for you. Every second millions of people are searching the Internet for products to buy. Some are particularly concerned with paying the lowest price, others simply cannot find the exact item they are looking for. This is where Google Product Search comes in.

Google Product Search Feed for Yahoo

has a way of getting your products in front of millions of potential shoppers! There are tons of success stories related to Google Product Search which was formerly known as Google Base.. They may or may not be true. There is one thing that can be guaranteed: If you successfully list products in Google Product Search, you will get highly qualified visitors, looking to buy your product now!

Bing Shopping Feed for Yahoo

Bing Shopping is quickly becoming an amazing source of new visitors, new clients and new income for many webmasters. Intecca will submit your Yahoo Store products to Bing Shopping daily, accurately and without fail!

Intecca Will Upload

any amount of products from you store at any frequency for the same flat fee of $8.97 per month. Whether you need us to send 500 products from your Yahoo Store to Google Merchant every 5 days, or you need us to feed 100,000 products  every 24 hours, we'll do the job with the same precision, same accuracy, same superior customer service and for the same flat price! There will be no surprises, guaranteed.

Our Feed Service

will generate a feed that Google Merchant Service "understands", with all your products down to every little detail used in your Yahoo Store. We will feed the data to Google daily, weekly or monthly - your choice! The feed created by us will contain your product name, description, image, manufacturer id, price and more. We will even detect if a product is on sale in your store and if it is, we will automatically feed your lower sale price. There will also be tons of things that we will do automatically for your products.

Yahoo Store Feed To Amazon (Beta)

One of the services which we developed is integrating inventory feeds from Yahoo Merchant platform with Amazon Seller Central platform.

Hands Free Uploads

We will not make you run down a checklist of 30 prerequisites which you will need to complete in order for us to begin feeding your products. Intecca will manage all aspects of your product feed. We will closely monitor your every submission, and make corrections if needed. A simple signup form is all we need to get your store going on Google Base. After you signup, just sit back, refresh your Google Merchant stats and calculate your profits.

Superb Customer Service

We offer superb customer service that goes above and beyond simply answering technical questions or solving technical issues. By signing up with Intecca and in addition to regular data uploads, our clients can expect an abundance of prompt, expert, and friendly advice. By combining our own extensive experience selling products on the Yahoo! Store Platform with programming intelligence, outstanding personal skills, and a competitive pricing model, we have achieved the synergy that propels Intecca's services above its competition.