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XBOX not working over Cisco Router – ACL to the Rescue

Not everyone uses a Cisco router for home internet router. And those who do, do not always use ACL list to deny any IP traffic from the internet and only allow specific traffic. But if you do all of the above, you may have trouble using XBOX apps over your home internet connection. I came […]

How to Configure Cisco C1140 Wireless Access Point for Home Use

Upgrade IOS First things first. Cisco Wireless Access Points were designed to work with a wireless controller. If you plug them into your home network, your Access Point will not find a controller to download its information from and will keep rebooting and remain offline. Luckily, there is a workaround. It is possible to update […]

Export Shipping Emails from all Magento orders

At some point you may have a need to download information on all your Magento orders that were ever placed in your Magento store. There are some build in Magento tools as well as extensions to address the task on hand. The problem with extensions is that either cost money and/or often times just clutter […]

Store WordPress Blog images on AWS S3

If you have a self-hosting WordPress blog and would like to avoid storing images locally on your server you can use Amazon AWS S3 service to store your images. Some people prefer to do it in order not to overload their host server with images, movies, mp3 files etc. So here is how it can […]